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V Stitch vs X Stitch In Single Crochet – Zeda The Red Panda Pattern Review

Have you ever heard the terms V stitch and X stitch in single crochet? Or the Yarn under and yarn over method? If you are new to amigurumi, you may not have heard of it. Or, like me, you may have heard about it but didn’t care. After giving general information on this subject, I would like to share my own experience with you.

How to do V stitch and X stitch? What are yarn over and yarn under methods?

     To briefly summarize, there are two ways to make single crochet, one traditional and one modern.

How to make Vstitch in single crochet:

Insert a hook into a stitch, yarn over, pull, yarn over and pull through both loops.

In this way, you get a v-shaped stitch. It is called V stitch because of its shape and yarn over method because of its construction.

How to make X stitch in single crochet:

Insert a hook into a stitch, yarn under, pull, yarn over and pull through both loops.

In this way, you get an X-shaped stitch. Here X stitch is also yarn under method.

There is such a small difference in its construction, but this difference changes your crochet experience and the appearance of the toy you make.

What are the differences between X stitch and V stitch?

The most important difference between yarn over and yarn under method is their appearance. X stitch gives a more organized look. You get more equal and square shaped loops. When the pieces are sewed, they provide a more complete image. Of course, this is entirely a personal preference. It is very normal to choose whichever image appeals to you.

   Another difference is that when you crochet with X stitch, the stitches become more tighter and rigid, even if you crochet with the same yarn and the same crochet size. The stitches are more tightly connected to each other and thus there is less chance of a gap between the stitches. You crochet more tigh and rigid with less effort. If you crochet loosely and do not like spaces, X stitch may be more suitable for you. When you crochet tighter this way, you make a slightly smaller toy than when you make it with a V stitch.

      On the other hand, you can make a more flexible and softer toy with V stitch. If you are a tight crocheter and prefer larger toys, V stitch may be a good choice. If you feel pain or fatigue while crocheting, you can still choose V stitch.

My experience with X stitch

When I first heard about X stitch, I read a little about it and thought V stitch was more suitable for me. Because at that time I was crocheting so tight that my poor son’s toys were as hard as stone. Over time, I started to crochet more loosely, and I had toys that were softer, nicer to touch, and larger. I had only one complaint: sometimes there could be gaps between the stitches in the parts where I decreased stitches. Maybe I’m just not good at it, I don’t know.

I can say that X stitch won my heart with its success in the reduction parts. Frankly, I am now definitely on the yarn under method side. If it wasn’t for Amigurumi Street, I might have tried X stitch even later. Because I was not very impressed by the negative aspects of V stitch. But writing about amigurumi and telling about my experiences makes me want to know everything about crochet.

     I tried x stitch and loved it. I thought it might not be suitable for me because I crochet very tight anyway, but it wasn’t like that at all.

     I’ve read that it doesn’t come naturally to some people. It was very easy for me to adapt; after a few rows, I immediately regained my old speed. Even if I crochet for long hours, crochet does not hurt my hands, and I did not experience any strain or pain when I switched to X stitch.

     The toys I crochet with X stitch are smaller in size, but this is not a problem for me. If I want a bigger toy, I can make it with suitable yarn and crochet.

      What I like most about X stitch is that there is no space between the stitches. It was very important for me that the image was better, especially in the parts where I decreased stitched. In general, I find the look of X stitch more pleasing.

      There’s only one thing I miss about V stitch. Since it is more flexible, the texture of the toy is softer. I don’t usually crochet dolls and I don’t prefer patterns with dresses. But when I need to crochet clothes, I can choose V stitch.

How does the V stitch X stitch difference look on the toy

To better demonstrate the difference between X Stitch and V stitch, I crocheted Khuc Cay’s Zeda the Red Panda pattern in both versions. Since it is a very popular skate, I don’t even need to introduce it, but it is a pattern that I like so much that Amigurui Street should definitely be in it.

As you can see, I crocheted the red one with V stitch and the blue one with X stitch. There are differences in their sizes. I don’t know how much I was able to show in the photos. But size is not an issue for me. In terms of appearance, I like the one I crochet with X stitch better.

     I usually saw the pattern in shades of red and orange. I was curious how it would look with a different color so I tried the blue color.

      Khuc Cay’s patterns are very well prepared. It is a pattern that is easy to follow and has sufficient explanations and photos. It set the difficulty level as indermediate. I think so too. Experience is required for color transitions on the head and for sewing the pieces together. When you follow the instructions in the pattern, you can get a toy that matches the photos without any problems.

      There are a few points I would like to point out. While making the ears, I finished by crocheting 3 more stitches. Thus, the thread with which I will sew the ear has reached the edge of the ear.

   After crocheting the feet in the pattern, the claws are embroidered. After sewing the feet, I embroidered the claws. I liked their place better this way.

      While reading the pattern, I noticed that the stitches needed to sew the feet and tail were not given. At first, I thought I would sew it between certain stitches and share it here, but during the sewing phase, I realized what a good decision Khuc Cay made. The location of the feet and tail in the two toys are also different from each other, and the patterns are even different from those in the photos. It feels really nice to have each toy unique in my amigurumi. In this regard, you should definitely follow the advice of the pattern and pin the feet and tail with pins and determine the place where you will sew them. In some patterns, I determine the location without pinning it with a needle, but this pattern is definitely not suitable for this.

That’s all I have to say about the Zeda The Red Panda pattern. I’m sure you’ve seen this pattern, which is very, very cute in every way, many times. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should buy it and crochet it immediately. A must have toy in everyone’s home. It makes me happy every time I see it. I hope my experience with X stitch was useful to you. All I will say is that you should not decide which single crochet version is right for you until you try it. In fact, I have realized that I should not have an opinion about any technique or pattern in crochet without trying it myself. I am also very curious about your experiences. I would be very happy if you write in the comments which technique you prefer. I hope you have a nice day. With love.

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