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Amigurumi Bug Pattern – Roly Poly Pill Bug Pattern Review

The subject of this article may not be very pleasant for everyone. Today I want to talk about insects. I’ve had an up-and-down relationship with insects. Insects are truly strange and magnificent creatures that will evoke different feelings in people. They are very different from us, they are very small, delicate but also scary.

      I have always loved some insects. Moths, bees, and ants are my favorites. Since my family did not adopt a dog, I tried to feed the moths that entered the house when I was very young. I always thought how easy it would be if my pet was an insect, I could take it everywhere.

      When I got bored of eating, the idea of being an insect that could survive without eating for months would be quite nice. It might be nice to go to a very high mountain top where no one can find or see me and watch the view for months without eating. I had dreams like this, especially when I wanted to be completely alone.

      There were times when I did not appreciate the magnificence of insects. I was afraid of certain insects, like cockroaches, because everyone around me was afraid of them. They gave me a lot of trouble because I didn’t want to kill them and at the same time I couldn’t pick them up and throw them away. Over time, I could no longer bear them being killed. I think they are killed very easily because they have a very different anatomy than humans. I guess fewer people would choose to end their lives if they had chests heaving with fear when we cornered them. Fortunately, I now take them in a glass and send them outside.

      Now we have books about insects at home. My son is very curious about them. We are looking for different insects in our garden. Thanks to my son, I am also more curious about insects. There is a huge stone in a park we went to. We are very amused by lifting that stone and seeing what insects are under it. There are also beetles under that stone, whose toys I will talk about today. And although they are not as cute as toys, they are very cute.

     Today I will review TumAnnart’s Roly Poly Pill Bug Crochet Pattern. I must immediately point out that this pattern currently shares the first place among my favorite patterns, along with the Hollow Knight pattern. It’s really so sweet that I don’t want to leave my side even for a moment. I place it in a different spot in the house every day and it gives me great pleasure to see it there.

     The owner of the pattern did not specify the difficulty level of the pattern. Actually, it is a pattern that does not require very difficult techniques. However, it requires experience in sewing. When sewing the shells together, you should take care to align them properly. It is necessary to align the body very well when sewing it to the shell. Considering the sewing part, I think this pattern is an intermediate pattern.

      The pattern is very well prepared. It is possible to see every stage with photos. Thanks to the videos prepared for the sewing part, there is no question mark in your mind about the pattern. The explanations are quite sufficient. It’s a very easy pattern to follow.

        I used Gazzal Baby Cotton (50 gr 105 m) thread, 12 mm safety eyes and 3 mm Tulip crochet hook for my first toy, the Purple Beetle. It is pretty solid because I crocheted with X stitch. Perhaps this pattern is more suitable for crocheting with V stitch. I will try this in the future and add my experience here. I don’t mind it being hard because it’s a bug. I can say that I liked it better when the shell is hard. However, when you knit with hard crochet, sewing the pieces together may cause pain in your hand. The owner of the pattern stated that we should not crochet too hard in the beginning, so we will have a more flexible toy. Even though I had no problem getting it into shape, my hands hurt a lot while sewing it. Still, I’m very pleased with the result. I had a perfect bug.   The size of the insect was 20 cm – 8 inches according to the measurements made by the owner of the pattern. I will crochet another one using V stitch with the same yarn, it may be larger in size.

       My favorite part of the pattern is that the crocheting part is extremely enjoyable. This summer, I will be crocheting different versions of this toy at every playground I take my son to play outside. Filling material is not needed until the sewing stage. And when you crochet the shell, body, and feet, you don’t need to constantly look at the pattern. For this reason, it is a pattern that you can easily choose while chatting with someone or watching a TV series.

     I will complete our family as soon as possible by making 3 more insects representing my husband, my son, and my parrot. I will use different threads and crochet hooks in each and share my experience here. It’s a much cuter toy than it looks in the photos. It looks beautiful in every color. You should buy the pattern without thinking and crochet your own roly-poly pill bug. If you have anything you want to add, I’m waiting for you in the comments. With love.

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