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Amigurumi Purrmaid Pattern by “Hooked by Robin”

Cat people want to see cats everywhere. On bookmarks, coasters, paintings, and bags… They want cats to be everywhere. The pattern I’m going to write about today looks exactly like a pattern designed by a cat person. Someone who loves cats will of course want to see a “sea cat” as well as the millions of species under the sea. It’s not like I don’t understand them. I have similar ideas about bird beaks. I don’t have such a plan right now, but if I design a pattern in the future, I may put beaks on everything I create. I have to admit, if the purrmaid in this pattern would exist in real life, I too would go crazy to see it with my own eyes. Because this toy is truly incredibly cute.

Ever since I made this toy, it makes everyone who sees it smile and the idea alone seems like a lot of fun. I received very heartwarming feedback about this toy. I know many people whose favorite pet is a cat. There may be so many cat-related products to choose from, I think this purrmaid is a very special gift to give a cat person. But I was very selfish about this toy I crocheted, I didn’t want to give it to anyone as a gift. I had this toy all to myself. They already have a lot of cat products and cats. Of course, I won’t be selfish while I review the pattern, and I will tell you everything I think. Now we can move on to the Hooked by Robin’s Crochet Purrmaid Mermaid Cat Pattern.

The pattern is explained very well, and it has more than ten photos. In addition, there is a series of 4 videos on YouTube where each stage of the pattern is explained in detail. There is also a post on the blog that describes how to make the purrmaid. Whether you get help from the videos or the blog post, the creator of this pattern has done her best to make your job easier.

I decided that the level of the pattern was intermediate. The most important reason for this is that different stitching techniques were used in the pattern. To explain this better, I need to say that the toy is crocheted as a whole, except for the ears, tail, and arms. This makes crocheting the body as a whole a very different and enjoyable experience.

I really liked the design of the pattern. I learned a lot while crocheting this purrmaid. It was a very educational experience for me. I really enjoyed shaping the body using different stitches. Choosing variegated yarn can make the pattern more pleasing to the eye because different stitches are used together. With such a yarn, especially the tail part, where there are plenty of body curves, will look much nicer.

When I started crocheting, I wondered if I could get a different facial expression by using the safety eyes. But I wasn’t sure exactly where to place the safety eye. Since our hand tension may change with each toy, I think embroidering the eyes as the pattern creator does is a more suitable option. With the yarns and hook number I used, the toy’s length is approximately 6.7 inches/17 cms.

Slip stitch is frequently used in the pattern. The designer of the pattern specifically states that you try to keep slip stitches as loose as possible and I definitely want you to take this advice very seriously. Since I crocheted with the X stitch single crochet, I achieved sharper transitions in the body curves. If you use a V stitch single crochet, the transitions will be smoother. Maybe I’ll try this in the future, but I’m quite happy with my current toy.

It is very nice to find such a qualified pattern among free patterns. I recommend you to try it. If you have a point you want to add or think differently, let’s meet in the comments. With love.

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