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Free Cute Amigurumi Animal Patterns by Kristi Tullus

In this post, I want to talk about small long-legged bunny, small long-legged cat, and small long-legged tedy bear patterns. These patterns by Kristi Tullus are well-known patterns that everyone who starts amigurumi has encountered. I first saw the small bunny pattern and crocheted a brown bunny named Yogi. First, she helped me by holding my needles while I was crocheting. Then she had the challenging task of playing with my son for a while. Those were crazy times. Since she is so tired, she only hangs out with our house keys and goes for walks in my bag. She now has a peaceful and quiet life.

      Since Yogi has been with me for years, many memories come back to me when I look at her. I think this is one of my favorite things about amigurumi toys. Look how good Yogi looks, even with all the baby saliva and food stains and washing.

      The happiness that Yogi brought to our lives gave me an idea. I wanted to give a gift to each of the children in our neighborhood with whom we spent time throughout the spring and summer months. As the weather got colder and schools are just opened,, we wouldn’t be able to see each other often anymore. I wanted them to have a friend who would accompany them at school and perhaps support them in their difficult days. I showed them these three patterns and they all chose an animal and picked a color. I first started with 14 toys, but over time this number reached 28 as I crocheted the toys in the playgrounds.

     I set my deadline as two weeks, but due to some problems, I could not complete it in the time I wanted. During this time, all the children were very kind and waited patiently. I noticed the expectant looks in their eyes every time they saw me. Seeing them so enthusiastic made crocheting much more enjoyable for me. I gave up on sleep for the last few days and a month later, I crocheted all the toys and gave them to their owners. It was a beautiful day that I will remember for a lifetime. The children were extremely happy. They spread joy around. Of course, they started playing right away. Some hung it on their bikes and bags. Some fed the toys like babies and played games with them. Some took photos of their toys all around the playground. For example, these beautiful photos were taken by a sweet 10-year-old girl.

      That day, I realized once again how important toys are for children. Toys also make great gifts for many adults. Especially handmade amigurumi toys. But that day, I felt like it had a very different place in children’s world, even if it was a toy that they would lose their enthusiasm for in two days. Their joy in that first moment is worth the world.

     It was a pleasant experience for me to make this many toys at once. First of all, I learned that I don’t get bored even if I make the same pattern over and over again. Moreover, I realized that having limited time and the rush to deliver did not make me nervous at all, on the contrary, it was encouraging. I usually like to finish one toy completely and move on to the next one. This time I also tried crocheting the pieces first and then sewing them all together. It didn’t make me finish much faster. But sewing them all at the same time definitely reduces sewing errors. By the way, the good news is that I have started to enjoy the sewing part now. It takes me approximately 4-4.5 hours to finish a toy, including the sewing. So you want to crochet these toys for a gift, you can prepare your gift even a day in advance.

      There is nothing to say about the descriptions and photos of the patterns. Each step is photographed and explained in detail. It is an ideal pattern for beginners. When you need to use any technique in the pattern, you can immediately access the tutorials via links. With this feature, they are very beginner-friendly patterns.

    You can make two types of ears in the small bunny pattern: straight and floppy. I always did the straight one, I realize it while writing, but I can’t explain why. I don’t do the mouth lines of the bear pattern either, I like the expression like this better. Any color suits these patterns. I also made 3 zombie rabbits. They look too sweet. I will make more, both with different body parts and different color combinations. I liked making zombies the most.

      You can also use it as a keychain or car ornament by using only the head part. I made a baby shower gift for a friend like this. My friend liked it very much.

       I can’t find anything more to say about these very well-known and popular patterns. These patterns are my favorite keychain choice. I hope you will try them too and maybe you too will be excited to make a group of children happy. Thank you for reading this far. Please leave a comment for points you disagree with or anything you would like to add. Or say hello, I’d be very happy. With love.

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