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Sailor The Sleepy Cat A.K.A Tsuki Cat

A stray cat came into my life: Tsuki. Both his presence and absence have changed a lot of things in my life. Let me tell you a little about him.

Think of an adventure book. A book in which the hero goes on a compelling journey. Tsuki was the trusted friend you wanted to be next to this hero who had no knowledge about all kinds of adventures and dangers that he would go through. His presence reassured the hero, when his eyes were closed from exhaustion, he could only sleep comfortably next to him. Tsuki was impregnable, he had his own schedule. He wouldn’t break someone’s heart when something asked of him, but you never knew how long he would stay with you. He would disappear from time to time, you would wonder what he was doing when he was not around, and look forward to the pages where his name was mentioned again. Then he would appear next to the hero when he needed the most, protecting him from the danger. You would always count on him. He was strong, brave, and free-spirited. When villains bring their cruel plans into action, you would think that they wouldn’t have been able to do it if Tsuki was around. If a precious and delicate item needed to be protected, you would want him to keep it. Even if he was in pain, he would not show it and would not leave his friends alone. I’m sure he would be the favorite character of many people in this adventure, his story may be even more loved than the main hero’s. And you would have cried over his death the most. That’s how a cat Tsuki was, that’s how he made me feel.

I made this pattern to commemorate Tsuki and to keep alive what he represents in my world. I want to make hundreds of these toys to have a piece of it all over the world. Let him carry these beautiful feelings that he made me feel in every house he enters, in every nursery.

Pattern Owner states as follows in the description:

“ This pattern includes:
– 16 pages of step-by-step detailed instructions,
– 71 photos illustrating the process,
– step-by-step tutorial with photos.

– Work in the round
– Increase/decrease
– Single crochet
– Chain stitch
– Slip stitch

The pattern uses a 3.5 mm crochet hook (US hook size E-4) and 9 ply / Worsted weight #4 (Medium) yarn.
You will need:
– Polyester fiberfill for stuffing.
– Pink embroidery thread.
– Black 4-ply yarn for embroidery eyes, mouth, legs, and mustache.
– White sewing thread.
– Black sewing thread.
– Сolorless glue.
– Stitch marker.
– Tapestry and embroidery needles.
– Scissors.
– Pins.   “

It’s a toy that I would love to make hundreds of times, even if it didn’t have a special place for me. I didn’t even realize how quickly it was finished while crocheting. It can be made with a variety of yarns and in any color. The toys I made with the photos in the pattern are very compatible, and I am happy with the result. When I used 2.5mm tulip crochet and Yarnart jeans yarn, its length was approximately 25 cm including the tail. I also want to knit again with a thicker yarn.

Pattern owner specifies the difficulty level as easy. I also agree with them. It is enough to learn basic knitting techniques. Sewing closed/open pieces together in a pattern, how to back stitch etc. There are basic lessons as well. This makes the pattern a very good choice for beginners. The biggest reason why I recommend this pattern to a beginner is that it provides the opportunity to learn many different methods such as color change, and making large and small pieces, starting with a different technique for the head and a different technique for the body, in the same pattern.

The photos are detailed and meticulously prepared. It is possible to see every stage from every angle. There are also detailed photos for joining the pieces together. I really liked that. The narration is also very descriptive and simple.

Mustaches add a very cute look to the toy’s face. However, if you have a mischievous child like mine in your house, it can be a little difficult to keep those mustaches in place. Don’t worry, they’re super cute without the mustache too.

I have 4 of these toys in my house right now. It looks great on the bookshelf, on the sofa, at the head of the bed, in short, anywhere. I wouldn’t get bored if there was one at every corner, they are very successful in creating a smile on my face. A toy for all ages. It is a very suitable gift for the room of a newborn who spends most of his day sleeping, or for the desk of a university student who wants a companion while studying. Maybe you want to knit to commemorate your cat like me; I hope it will be as soothing for you as it is for me.

In fact, this pattern is already quite popular. I don’t think many people would be too hesitant to buy it. However, it had to be here because it is a very important place for me. It made me happy to remember Tsuki not only with the toys I made but also with this article. Thank you very much to the designer for this pattern. If there is anything you want to add or think differently from me, please leave a comment. If you want to tell a story like Tsuki’s, I would be happy to read it and commemorate it together. With love…

Sometimes I find myself waiting for the author to write the sequel of the book. I want Tsuki to come back when I least expect it. Turns out, Tsuki hasn’t passed away, still meowing in my building at night, rubbing against my door to enter the house…

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