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Amigurumi Acorn Weevil Pattern

When I was 9 or 10 years old, I had a folder where I organized animals by their classes and collected articles and photographs about them. At that time, I declared that I wanted to be a Zoologist when I grew up. One evening, while at a friend’s house, I came across an article about Acorn Weevils in a magazine. I spent that evening copying the article, or at least that’s how I remember it. It’s as if the photos from that article are still vivid in my mind. That magazine was where I first learned about the existence of this insect, and at the time, they seemed very cute to me, almost like something out of a science fiction book.

Quick Info
Pattern Name Acorn Weevil Crochet Pattern
Pattern Designer TumAnnArt
Difficulty Level Intermediate
Materials Needed Hook, Yarns suitable for your hook, 18 or 16 mm safety eyes (one pair),pins, stuffing material,tapestry needle
Free/Paid Paid
Link Etsy

I still have the memory of that day, but I’m not entirely certain if that’s the exact story.

Years later, when the amigurumi designer Tumannart, whom I admire, put out a call for testers for her new pattern, I eagerly volunteered. This was the first time I had ever wanted to test a pattern, and I was overjoyed when I was accepted. Honestly, I saw this as a sign. I was inspired by the fact that this tiny insect didn’t view the thick shells of the acorns as obstacles. Perhaps this was an indication that my dreams of Amigurumi Street would come true.

I have to admit, I don’t believe in signs. I know it’s kind of ridiculous. But humans are like that, aren’t they? We tend to see what we want to see wherever we look. And I allow myself the freedom to be that kind of human. It might be silly, but I enjoy finding meaning in signs, and in stories I construct in my head. That folder was filled with numerous articles about animals. Perhaps if anyone stumbled upon me at this point in my life, it would give them hope. I give myself credit for finding hope in improbable places. I believe the Acorn Weevil also shares in some of these positive feelings. It’s an insect that brings joy with its distinctive face, big eyes, and long snout. It’s adept at evoking positive emotions.

Regarding my thoughts on the pattern, as you can imagine, they are quite positive. The pattern’s creator is a wonderful person, and her patterns are exceptional. I previously reviewed the Roly Poly Pill Bug pattern a few posts ago. Once again, I want to express my gratitude to TumAnnArt for allowing me to test this fantastic pattern.

Materials I Used:
YarnArt Jeans number 70
YarnArt Jeans number 87
Alize Coton Gold number 690
Tulip 2.5mm crochet hook

The body length of the toy I made with the yarn and hook I used is 12 cm / 4.7 inches.
I had a blast crocheting this pattern. I can’t quite decide if my favorite part is her super cute face or her legs. I suppose I enjoy how insects can be both adorable and slightly eerie. And those legs really add to the spooky charm, even on this sweet toy. I find that aspect very appealing.

The pattern is written in US Terminology. The provided photographs and explanations are sufficient, and the video support is incredibly helpful both during crocheting and in the sewing part. It’s a relatively easy pattern to follow, though I would rate its difficulty level as intermediate. It might pose a slight challenge for beginners.

One of the aspects of amigurumi that I love the most is creating toys that are unlike any I’ve made before. This pattern offers such uniqueness. The shapes of the head and body don’t conform to the classic amigurumi toy style, which added to the enjoyment of crocheting it. When sewing the head to the body with a needle, you can adjust its position slightly upward or downward. This allows for creating acorn weevils with different stances.

Both crocheting and sewing the legs are different from traditional toys. I’ve come to realize that one of the reasons I enjoy insect patterns is because they have lots of legs. My mind tends to wander when I knit the same piece repeatedly. The first time I sewed it together, I followed the pattern instructions meticulously. I absolutely adore the stance of the legs.

That’s all I have to say about the pattern. I wholeheartedly recommend it. This sweet face will infuse your home with positive vibes. Whether it’s a sign or not, both the acorn weevil and the pattern will always hold a special place in my heart. Every time I gaze at it, a smile automatically lights up my face. I hope you, too, encounter beautiful coincidences that bring you hope during difficult times. Keep your eyes open; no matter how troubled you may feel, you’ll find little things that bring a smile to your face. With love.

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