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Spooky Keychain Pattern -All Seeing Mushroom by Mrs. Crowlet

It is very sad that a place, a song, or an object reminds us of bad times and therefore we cannot see them as they are. It is very normal to have negative feelings just because of the situation you are in, about things that you would feel very differently if you encountered them in a normal moment. But for some reason, I feel like I’m being unfair to the “things” that are in this situation.

I bought the pattern I will introduce today to make a keychain for the benefit of stray animals. I liked it very much from the moment I saw it and wanted to write about it at the first opportunity I had. Unfortunately, I received very bad news before I could even start crocheting. Hard times had begun for a beloved family member of mine and I could do nothing to fix it.

Quick Info
Pattern Name All Seeing Mushroom
Pattern Designer Mrs. Crowlet
Difficulty Level Beginner
Materials Needed Yarn, Crochet hook suitable for your yarn, Depending on what kind of eye you decide to use: 10 mm safety eye/ 10 mm glass cabochon, Embroidery or sewing thread of white color, Scissors, tapestry needle, Fiberfill , All-purpose glue
Free/Paid Paid
Link Etsy, Ravelry

      I just had to wait and hope everything went well. At first, I didn’t want to try this pattern on these sad days. These mushrooms, which I liked very much, seemed to remind me of bad times whenever I looked at them. But on the other hand, I didn’t want to be idle while waiting. Finally, I started crocheting these beautiful mushrooms. And it felt very good. It was as if I was throwing away all my fears and anxieties, stitch by stitch. I managed to get away from the troubled thoughts for a while.

      Now when I look at these spooky mushrooms, they give me both bad and good feelings. I’m almost in a neutral place with them. In fact, this position suits them very well. If I entered a mysterious forest and encountered these mushrooms while wandering, I would probably feel the same about them as I do now. It’s like they’re outside the whole story, neither on the good side nor the bad side. These strange mushrooms, which watch everything with one eye, have a history of their own that no one else seems to be able to learn. They are just an intriguing detail in this story. With their chilling presence and one all-seeing eye, their role here may be small. However, what makes no one want to mess with them may be the atmosphere that gets heavy when you approach them, and the chilling feeling that fills the heart when you look into their eyes.

      Even though that’s how I feel about these mushrooms when I look at them, I still have very positive thoughts about Mrs. Crowlet’s All-seeing mushroom pattern.

     The pattern is very well prepared. Photos and descriptions are sufficient. There are photos of each stage as they finish and sew the pieces. Even some techniques such as the straight edge method are demonstrated with photographs. There is also a video.

     The difficulty level of the pattern is beginner. Such small projects can be good for those who are starting to make amigurumi. Finishing the object in a short time can be encouraging.

     I would suggest using leftover ropes when crocheting this keychain. These mushrooms require very little amount of both yarns and padding. It is important for me that it is possible to crochet anywhere with a small bag, a few colors of thread and some filling material. Once you start making these keychains, you want to try every color combination. Each color looks beautiful.

      The pattern offers 3 different options for the eyes. Each one is explained in detail with photographs. I tried two of them. Since I’m fond of safe eyes, I haven’t tried the version with the embroidered pupil yet. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any dragon eyes or cat eyes. They look much nicer on these spooky mushrooms. It’s also a great pattern for Halloween decorations.

      The size of the keychain varies depending on the yarn and crochet you use. I used a 2.20 mm crochet hook for YarnArt Jeans threads and obtained mushrooms with a length of 6.5 cm / 2.5 inches. The keychain is very good for its size. Especially people who do not like to carry bags may find the size of amigurumi keychains large. I think this is a stylish keychain that feels both small and very detailed.

     I hope the reasons I explained above are enough for you to definitely try this pattern. I had a lot of fun crocheting. Everyone who saw it loved it and I really enjoy having it in the house. I would like to evaluate the remaining yarns when I have time. I wonder how All Seeing Mushrooms will make you feel. If you want to share it with me, I will be waiting for you in the comments. With love.

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