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Amigurumi Police Car And Taxi Pattern

Life is pretty strange, and it is very surprising how words and things change meaning for us as we live. Whenever I heard a siren, I would pray and feel sorry for the people in the difficult situation. Those sirens reminded me of the realities of life. It would make me grateful for being well at that moment. So, rescue vehicles and sirens had very healthy associations in my mind.

      Then one day my beloved son was born. He is a child who is interested in vehicles, like many children. He plays with his cars all day and sleeps with them all night. I believe there was an age in my son when he believed cars had their own consciousness. Even, cars act however they want, rather than that they serve people.

For example, when I tried to teach my son to use less amount of water while brushing his teeth and washing his hands, I would say that “the water is necessary for everyone” and start counting “for trees, for parrots, for cats, for dogs”. Each time he would always add; “for cars”.

His favorite cars also change from time to time. He was fascinated by rescue vehicles between the ages of 2 and 2,5. Even though I explained the duties of police and firefighters and praised their service to society, my son’s focus was always on their vehicles. “How beautiful their lights are, how long the stairs are, how fast the ambulances are, I wonder what their interiors look like” were his words. His attention was only on such things. When he couldn’t talk yet, but of course, he loved making siren sounds. And whenever he heard a siren, he would run to the window and get so excited. If he could see the vehicle, we could read his happiness from his eyes. Our son’s interest in rescue vehicles put us in an awkward position as parents. How should I put it, we started to feel a like vultures that fly to something bad. Whenever we heard a siren, we would forget that something dangerous had happened to somebody and rush to show our son the rescue vehicles. I will never forget once when we saw a fire truck coming into our neighborhood late at night, we grabbed our son, and ran to the window in our pajamas. (don’t worry, it was a minor incident, nothing happened to anyone) So, of course, it’s not an ideal situation. Even though we wished people to be well and said “I hope nothing serious happened to anyone,” we couldn’t help but feel like vultures.

Those are what I thought about the most when crocheting ThreeFriendsPatterns’ police car and taxi crochet pattern. How our experiences change the meaning we attribute to “things”. Now it’s time to talk about patterns:

The requirements of the pattern are written on the Etsy page

Alize Cotton Gold, graphite color (number 182) – less than half of a skein;
YarnArt Jeans, white color (number 01) – less than half of a skein;
YarnArt Jeans, light blue color (number 81) – less than a half of a skein;
YarnArt Jeans, grey color (number 49) – just a little;
YarnArt Jeans, blue color (number 16) – just a little;
YarnArt Jeans, yellow color (number 88) – just a little;
Gazzal Baby cotton, red color (number 3439) – just a little;
For taxi: YarnArt Jeans, yellow color (number 35)

2. Fiberfill.
3. 2mm crochet hook (US 4) – I used Clover.
4. Scissors.
5. Needle.
6. Stitch marker, pins.

Colors I use for police car:

Graphite: YarnArt Jeans number 28

White: YarnArt Jeans number 01

Red: YarnArt Jeans number 90

Light yellow: YarnArt Jeans number 88

Light Blue: YarnArt Jeans number 81

Blue: YarnArt Jeans number 16

Grey: YarnArt Jeans number 46

Beige: YarnArt Jeans number 05

Black: YarnArt Jeans number 53

For taxi:

Yellow: YarnArt Jeans number 35

Black: YarnArt Jeans number 53

White: YarnArt Jeans number 01

Red: YarnArt Jeans number 90

Normal Car:

Main color: YarnArt Jeans number 91

White: YarnArt Jeans number 01

Black: YarnArt Jeans number 53

Beige: YarnArt Jeans number 05

    It is an ideal toy for babies, and I think they will enjoy examining it as there are so many details. Its size is suitable for hugging while sleeping, and it has no hard parts that could harm the baby. Also, there are no parts long enough for them to put in their mouths. This toy is very suitable for decorating a nursery; it looks very lovely.

It was easy to think about my life while making this toy because when making the body of the car, you crochet the same number of stitches for several rows. You can choose a pattern like this when you have to crochet in crowded and active environments such as parks, or when you are watching something that requires your attention. You do not need to add fiber until the sewing stage of this car toy. That’s why you can bring the toy to the finishing stage by carrying only a thread and a crochet hook. This is an important detail for me because sometimes crocheting without interruption relaxes my mind a lot.

     The pattern is very well prepared in terms of including descriptive photographs and explaining the crocheting steps well. There are plenty of photos, you can check every step. It is possible to see the toy from every angle. The toys I made were exactly the same as the photos on the pattern. I was pleased with the result.

     The hardest part for me was doing the embroidery. I disassembled the toy and reworked it several times to ensure that both sides of the vehicle were looking the same. But I am pleased with the result. These embroideries make a difference. Having many pieces to sew and the embroidery has increased the difficulty level of the toy, but the result is really worth it.

There is no part of the pattern that teaches basic techniques. But I can’t say that difficult techniques were used for this toy. There are round pieces whose beginnings are made with a magic ring, and there are also pieces made with a chain. I enjoy trying patterns using such different techniques like this one.

It is very good that two different cars can be made with the same pattern. We can even say three. I made a car without any decorations. I think I’ll make a few more because I know a boy who likes to create a street full of car toys.

I hope you like this pattern as much as I do. Please let me know in the comments if there is anything I missed or misinterpreted. Let your comments serve as a reference for my future reviews. Thank you for reading this far. Remember, if there is a word, a sound, or a situation that you do not like in your life right now, it may not always continue like this. I hope that life offers you enough beautiful memories to erase those negative perceptions. With love…

PS: Thankfully our vulture days are over. We are currently in the period when my son is fascinated by construction vehicles, tower cranes, and trucks. If you see a child watching construction vehicles at the edge of a construction site and a mother crocheting next to him. It is us. Say hello and we’ll have a nice chat.

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