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Amigurumi Little Car Pattern Review – Crochet Car Pattern

You know the feeling when you start a day with very positive feelings, but everything goes wrong at some point and that day ends with a sad feeling inside. You see, I had such a day today. I have been planning the first post of this blog for a long time. I have a lot to share and I gave a lot of thoughts on where I should start. But I didn’t expect to write in a mood like this. Now, as a day full of setbacks is ending, I am planning to get rid of the negative feelings inside me by writing the first article of my blog.

The pattern I want to share today is a small amigurumi car pattern from ThreeFriendsPatterns . I believe this is one of the best amigurumi car patterns. I crocheted these cars in four different colors and loved each one individually. Now I want to say a few words about each of them. Diana Wynne Jones and Sophie would understand me.

The color green has always been given a lot of meanings. May the green car have a life where not much is expected from it.

I wish for the yellow car a life where it doesn’t have to glitter its color. Just be yourself and be happy like this, little car.

The red car looks very lucky to me. I have no other wish for him but to continue this luck.

Finally, the blue car, I wish it could move as it pleases, without fear of making mistakes.

Now let’s come to my comments about the pattern. I highly recommend you buy this pattern. The toys I crocheted look almost identical to the pictures in the pattern, as you’ll see. I think the options are very limited among amigurumi car patterns. This pattern is one of the most beautiful car patterns I have ever come across. I can surely say it’s my favorite right now. This is a very good pattern to evaluate the remaining yarns. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think every color suits every toy. However, this pattern is very beautiful in any color. It is a toy that you can crochet regardless of the recipient’s favorite color. The pattern can be used for many purposes. Since it is small in size, it makes a great key chain and purse ornament. I think it would be very cute as a new car gift. Kids who love to play with small cars will also love it. Moreover, it can be completed in a short time. I was able to finish four small car toys in two days. When my son isn’t playing with these cars, they hang out on the Ps4 in the living room. I also like to display them like a trinket, as I adore how they look. You won’t be able to get enough of making just one, I’m sure you’ll want to crochet a few more colors right away.

The requirements of the pattern are written on the Etsy page.

The materials and tools needed:

1st Yarn:

Main color: Gazzal Baby cotton (50g/165m), red color (number 3439) – small amount (or any other color you want);

Gazzal Baby cotton (50g/165m), white color (number 3432) – small amount;

Alize Cotton Gold (100g/330m), graphite color (number 182) – small amount;

Yarn Art Jeans yarn (50g/160m), color 88 (light yellow) – small amount.

2. Fiberfill.

3. 2mm crochet hook (US 4) – I used Clover.

4. Scissors.

5. Needle.

6. Stitch marker, pins.

I used Tulip 2.5 mm crochet hook. As I crocheted too tightly, the result was a 4 cm high and 6 cm long toy, as said in the pattern description. Here are the colors I used:

Yellow: Yarn Art Jeans (50g/160m), color 88

Red: Yarn Art Jeans (50g/160m), color 26

Green: Yarn Art Jeans (50g/160m), color 69

Blue: Yarn Art Jeans (50g/160m), color 17

White: Yarn Art Jeans (50g/160m), color 01

Dark Grey: Yarn Art Jeans (50g/160m), color

The pattern owner stated the difficulty level as the medium. I think sewing plays a big part in that. When making amigurumi toys, sewing the pieces together is not my favorite. But I can’t say that I got bored of sewing in these cars. It changes the toy’s appearance a lot and I really like the result. Even if you have just started making amigurumi toys, if you like this pattern very much, you can give it a try. It might take some effort, but the result is worth it. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with the others after you finish the first car. By the way, I felt the need to point out that it also requires a lot of sewing.

As the owner of the pattern mentioned in the Etsy details, there are no crocheting lessons in the pattern. That’s why you should know the basic crochet techniques at the beginner level.

Frankly, I found the photos in the pattern file sufficient in terms of number and quality. I was able to see the toy from many angles at every stage. Although English is not my native language, I had no problems in terms of understanding the text. It was easy to follow and I thought that the explanations were sufficient.

A small piece of cardboard was used for the front of the car in the pattern. I didn’t use it because I like to wash toys often. If I had a plastic washable material that could replace it, I could try to use it. When using a piece of cardboard, the front part looks smoother. But I think they also look very good without cardboard, I think the difference is not too obvious.

Look at this. I really feel so much better. So, amigurumi can be very relaxing not only when crocheting, but also when sharing my experience with it. I hope my experience with this pattern will be helpful to those of you who are curious about the pattern, are hesitant to buy, or want to read a review that is much longer than the comments. I tried to evaluate it as objectively as I could. Still, handicraft is a very subjective experience. If there are points that you think are different from mine, if you have anything you want to add, please leave a comment. Or just say hello! So that I can better evaluate the patterns I’ll be reviewing in the future. Thank you for reading so far.

I also offer my special thanks to the designer of the pattern @fox_and_dog

With love.

Note: I don’t need to make a wish for the little car I made for the first time, the photos of which I did not share. Because it belongs to one of the most wonderful kids in the world. I am sure this little car will have a happy life. While choosing a pattern for my first article for this blog, I decided to start with this pattern that my son wanted, who was not very interested in the toys I had made before. Everything has been going great since he came into my life. I think this little car pattern will bring luck to my blog too. Thank you, my sweet baby boy.

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