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Amigurumi Airplane Pattern Review

  Since my childhood, I have a habit of believing that every being has a soul. For example, if I stub my foot on a coffee table, I never get angry at it. Or I get very upset when someone talks badly about their sofa. I tend to feel as if they are alive. I talk to the houseware a lot; I chat with them while doing housework. Many items in my house have names. It may seem strange when I explain it like this but don’t worry, I integrated this habit into my life in a very healthy way, with the thought that everything has a lifespan and no being can survive forever. However, storing unusable items is not my thing either. I’m not someone who accumulates a bunch of useless items around me. Thus, this habit of mine does not affect my daily life.

But when it comes to toys, I become much more attached to them and have a hard time accepting that they have reached the end of their life. I don’t want to store toys at home that are too worn out to play with anymore. I found a very suitable way for this. Before I throw away a toy, I make another one just like it  and imagine transferring its soul to the new body with a small ritual. If I cannot start making the new body immediately like the toy I will tell you today, I transfer its soul to the yarnsI will crochet. With a little research, I’m sure I can find more fun information about transferring the soul from one body to another. But I want to continue my ritual until I spontaneously encounter it in a book I read or a movie I watch. It’s not a very qualified process anyway. For the ritual, I talk to the toy nicely and tell him that in the blink of an eye he will be in his new body and feel much better. Then I put the two bodies or the old body and the yarns side by side, take the soul in my hand and transfer it to the new body. It makes me feel good.Of course, my ritual has some rules. For example, I never use the yarns that I transferred the soul into for another toy.

            I used to wash my son’s baby toys very often. Because they were constantly covered in food debris and baby drool and they fell everywhere they shouldn’t have.Therefore, they had to use the washing machine frequently and were very worn out. That’s why I will subject them all to the same ritual little by little.

When I first tried Amigurumi Today’s Cartoon Airplane Crochet Pattern, since I was very inexperienced, the toy I made was very large. I don’t want to hurt him too much, but how can I explain it, it was inadequate. The fuselage was fine, but the wings were curled because I crocheted them too tightly. And it was very rigid. That’s the reason why I ranked it first for the ritual. I’m sure he is happier with his new body. Unfortunately, as I didn’t plan to write this article, I didn’t take any photos of the old plane. I searched it in the old photo albums but couldn’t find it yet. I will add it as soon as I find it.

            I think I will try as many vehicle patterns as possible over time. This plane is the first vehicle pattern I made for my son. If you ask how much he played, it’s not that much. But for me, it maintains its specialness. Now we can slowly move on to pattern interpretation.

            The pattern is a free, but you must be a member of Amigurumi Today to see the whole pattern. The difficulty level of the pattern is advanced. I think the most challenging part of the pattern is that you have to change some rows depending on your crochet pattern. It is entirely up to your hand and eye adjustment, for example, it tells you that some of the stitches you have increased or decreased should be at the top. Let me give an example to make it clearer: While it is necessary to crochet sc in “39 st, dec, sc in 38 st in the 27th row of the pattern, in the toy I made, I had to crochet as sc in 41 st, dec, sc in 36 st, so that the part where I made decrease comes to the middle. However, these measurements may not help you because they may vary depending on each person’s hand. Before the 12th round, it was explained well what to do for this symmetry in the appropriate pattern. Although this part of the pattern is challenging, I think it is a good pattern as an introduction to such advanced patterns. Since it is a single color, it is a good start to learn the patterns you need to adjust for yourself. The sewing part is also easy.

            There is one thing I find missing in the pattern; it does not specify where you should start filling the body. I gradually fill in each pattern as I progress. In this pattern, I think we should start filling in the 36th row at the latest.

            The pattern is processed as joined rounds. Of course, I did not see this warning at the beginning when I was crocheting the first toy. Le t’s call it beginner excitement. Still, the toy turned out to be very nice. Even though it is not a big problem, it is necessary to follow the pattern. I haven’t been able to write it yet, but I want to knit this pattern with a few more colors.

            The eye patch seemed small to me at first. Since the pattern says you can enlarge it if you want, I added another row of hdc. Then I decided that the smaller version looked better and went back to the size the pattern said. No need for adventure, what is said in the pattern looks fine. Do not braid the wings of the plane too tightly so that they do not curl. I sewed the wings between glazes 20 – 38. It will be very easy to sew the wings correctly for someone who has already made the necessary adjustments while crocheting Fuselage. I would never want you to struggle in vain as I experienced before. Other than that, I don’t have much criticism for the pattern. It’s a toy that I like very much. It is very different from traditional amigurumi toys. Knitting the vehicles gives me a different taste. It is a big chance that one of the best plane patterns is free. I recommend you to try it too. Leave a comment if you think I’m missing something or making a mistake while interpreting the pattern. I’m also very curious about your experiences with old toys. I would be happy if you share it. With love.

PS: I delved into the photo archives looking for photos of our old plane. Then I realized that I had been watching my son’s baby videos for hours. He’s grown so quickly, I can’t believe he’s 4 now. Time is faster than this plane.

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