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Amigurumi Reindeer Pattern By Khuc Cay

     I’m trying to be an organized person these days. I can’t tell you how bored I am because of that. I’m not someone who likes to waste time. Even though I am not an organized person, I do not have much difficulty in completing my work. I determine the things I will do during the day and do them in the order I want, at the time I want. For example, I suddenly start reading a book because the lyrics of the song I listen to while organizing the closets remind me of something. After a while, I feel like drinking something while reading a book, so I go to the kitchen to prepare green tea for myself and chamomile tea for my parrot. While waiting for the water to boil, I finish organizing the cabinets. I’m a bit like that.

      My responsibilities have increased in recent years. I have work to do regularly (I can’t miss my child’s mealtime, for example). Moreover, while I am trying to complete these tasks, I also have to take care of my son and my parrot. While I should be washing dishes, I suddenly find myself putting Legos on a truck with an excavator. Let me list the things I want to do during the day: Taking care of my son and my parrot, doing housework, doing sports, reading books, doing needlework, writing; Watching a movie with my husband after it’s all over. It’s impossible to complete all of this with the old method of doing what I want when I want. I stopped being stubborn and decided to move on to a planned life.

     At this very moment, as I planned, I decided to try Khuc Cay’s Didi the little reindeer pattern, which is very suitable for the holiday season. This is where things started to get weird. I couldn’t stick to my plans at all while crocheting this reindeer. The day I wanted to start crocheting, I couldn’t start. I said I would finish the head, horns and ears tonight, but I couldn’t finish it. Don’t get me wrong, this delay was not caused by a flaw in the pattern or because I was distracted by another task, but by misfortunes during crocheting and sewing. You can’t imagine how many rows I removed and re-crocheted because of carelessness. For some reason I don’t know, this reindeer didn’t seem to want to go along with my plans.

      Reindeers are wise animals; This information is not open to discussion. My reindeer was trying to tell me something. I couldn’t ignore the signs, and after thinking about it a bit, I decided that he was trying to tell me that being a planned person wasn’t right for me. No! Not because being planned is very boring to me and having certain times of what I will do during the day makes me grumpy. Because a wise reindeer told me not to.

      Thus, I did not write this article as I planned. I had planned to write about a very different subject. New year wishes. My wise reindeer whispered something to me about what I should wish for in the new year. There’s only one thing I want. I want to experience less misfortune in 2024. If I do not encounter problems that are independent of me, I am confident enough to achieve what I want.

     I hope that after what I have explained, you will want to make your own wise reindeer, and I will move on to reviewing the pattern.

Materials required for the pattern:

Yarn :DK yarn (140m/50gr) with colors : cream,
brown, dark brown, red.
Hook : Size 3mm.
Small amount of ribbon, paper (optional).
9mm safety eyes .
Stuffing .
Needle for sewing.
Pink/orange blush for the cheek.

Level : advanced beginner to intermediate

The yarns I use:

Brown: YarnArt Jeans color number 70

Beige: YarnArt Jeans color number 05

Green: YarnArt Jeans color number 52

Red: YarnArt Jeans color number: 90

I used tulip 2,5 mm hook.

       In this article, since I bought Khuc Cay’s Sweet Crochet Animals book, I will actually be interpreting both a pattern and a book. If you are addicted to touching books like me, you should buy this book. I stopped using notebooks while writing, but I cannot give up the pleasure of seeing books in my hands. I am very happy that this book was published in my country. I like all 15 patterns in it. I tried a few of them, but the ones I haven’t tried also look very nice. I added the links to the book and pattern for you.

      The difficulty level of the pattern is stated as advanced beginner to intermediate. I prefer to specify it as intermediate. The color-changing technique can be challenging for a beginner. However, after gaining some experience, it is an ideal pattern to learn this technique. The descriptions and photos are very detailed. If you buy the book, you will see that all the techniques you will use in the book are explained with photographs on the first pages.

     In the book, purple color was chosen for the horns, collar, and feet. A darker brown was chosen for the pattern sold separately. They both look beautiful, but I was impressed by the Christmas spirit and used green yarn. I’m quite pleased with the result. I embroidered a snowflake on her bag instead of a ribbon. My reindeer is not the type to carry envelopes and papers in his bag like in the photos. I made books for him because I thought he would enjoy reading books.

      The collar part of Khuc Cay’s patterns adds a different atmosphere. I must admit that I wasn’t a fan at first. But I like the way it looks now. It shows the head and body more fully. I also like it very much because it does not show the flaws in the seam of the head to the body. I did not find the sewing part of the pattern challenging either. As long as you sew it according to the instructions, you will not have any problems.

     The toy, which was 8,2 inches (21 cm) with the yarn used in the pattern, became 6,7 inches (17 cm) with the yarn I used. Normally I crochet tightly without trying to. If I don’t try to knit loosely, the toys become hard as rocks. I guess I didn’t pay attention to the collar part and crocheted it too tightly. There seemed to be a slight difference in appearance, but it didn’t bother me.

 I definitely recommend you try the pattern. I am very happy that I now have a reindeer in my family and a sophisticated one at that. If you think I have interpreted the pattern incompletely or incorrectly, I am waiting for your comments. Maybe you, like me, will have an odd experience while crocheting this reindeer. Reindeer are very special animals, I would like to hear about the adventures you will have. With love.

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