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My Favorite Amigurumi Ball Patterns

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball Pattern

This is the first pattern I will review because it has been my favorite since the first time I saw it. It’s a lot of fun to crochet and I think it’s very easy to make. You will not be satisfied with crocheting just one of these cute ball toys. Once you are done crocheting the first one, you will want to make it in all sizes and colors. I don’t need to explain anything about the pattern because the owner sufficiently explained it in great detail. It is very suitable for crocheting without taking a lot of materials with you. Since you will add the fiber during the sewing stage, you can work on it anywhere by taking two colors of yarn and a crochet hook with you. I think it is a very nice and unique gift and has a wide age range. Of course, this pattern should not be seen only as a toy for a baby. As you can see in the photos, the first ball I made is currently assigned to my parrot’s play area.

Colors I used:

YarnArt Jeans color 58

YarnArt Jeanscolor  82

I used a Tulip 2,5mm hook.

Rainbow Ball

I like this pattern very much and see it as a very eye-catching baby toy. Its size is very suitable. It can be made in various sizes with the same yarn and crochet hook just by reducing the numbers. I like this feature a lot. This is a  pattern that you can download from Ravelry in PDF format. I found the photos very inadequate. In particular, the owner did not photograph the process of sewing the two pieces together and it was not stated that they should be joined with… This information is required to obtain the exact image in the photo. I plan to write an article about this pattern in which I will add detailed photos. When I made it full size, I finished it in two days.

 Colors I used:

YarnArt Jeans color 54 (dark blue)

YarnArt Jeans color 15 (blue)

YarnArt Jeans color 75 (light blue)

YarnArt Jeans color 69 (green)

YarnArt Jeans color 11 (light green)

YarnArt Jeans color 67 (light yellow)

YarnArt Jeans color 85 (orange)

YarnArt Jeans color 23

YarnArt Jeans color 73

I used a Tulip 2,5 mm hook.

Purl Soho’s Crocheted Balls

This pattern has a special place in my heart. Because I made this toy as a gift for a dog for the first time. Although the shape was not exactly what I wanted, I meticulously crafted this pattern to be extra-large, ensuring it would be the perfect fit for even the largest of dogs.  Then for some reason, I used this pattern whenever I made balls for dogs and cats. It became like a tradition for me.

The pattern is given in 4 dimensions. I adjust the ball I make according to the size of the dog. Not all rows are written for every dimension of the pattern. After the small pattern, each one is written regarding the previous one. Adding more details about how to modify the pattern for different sizes could make it easier for readers to create balls that are the right size. Even though I don’t like this feature very much, as I said, it has sentimental value for me.

You see the ball I knitted for Bulut, a stray dog in my neighborhood. He loved the ball. Of course, it disappeared the first day when I forgot to take it home in the evening. Still, even a moment of Bulut’s happiness was enough for me.

To make this ball, I used YarnArt Jeans plus yarn ( colors: 33, 69,77) and a Tulip 3mm crochet hook, I preferred size XL. I crocheted it very tightly and filled it very well. When you do it this way, it’s great for large-sized dogs. They cannot break it down for a long time. It maintains its durability even if it is washed frequently. A lovely gift for your dog or someone with a dog. I also put a rattle inside and it attracts their attention.

Why not try making this ball for your own furry friend? It’s a fun project that both you and your dog will enjoy!

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