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Free Amigurumi Bee Pattern – Burt The Baby Honey Bee Pattern Review


       When concepts such as teamwork and cooperation are considered, one of the first examples that come to mind from the animal kingdom is bees. The benefits of bees to all living things in nature, apart from their own hives, are countless.

Now it’s not my place to write here about how important bees are to all of us. That’s why I would like to say a few words about the bees in the pattern that I will interpret today.


Quick Info
Pattern Name Burt the Baby Honey Bee
Pattern Designer Holly Lanier
Difficulty Level Beginner
Materials Needed Hook, Yarns suitable for your hook, 6mm safety eyes,
Free/Paid Free

      On my son’s birthday, I wanted to have a little celebration with his friends in gymnastics class. His two best friends are in that class. Since the lesson coincided with his birthday, I decided to make cupcakes for them to eat at the end of the lesson. But this immediate celebration was not enough, I wanted to crochet gifts for my son’s friends as a souvenir. Since I didn’t have much time, it seemed like a good idea to make a keychain for each of them. They all have cute little bags. I thought they might like to use it as a bag decoration.

      Unfortunately, since I did not know all the children well, I did not have information such as their favorite colors and favorite animals. By the way, when it comes to 4-year-old children, such information can change every hour. Thinking that if I made the gifts in different colors or shapes, there might be disagreements between the children, I decided to make the same amigurumi keychain for all of them. While I was looking for the most suitable pattern for this job, these cute bees came to my aid.

      Storyland Amis’ Burt The Baby Honey Bee Pattern was the perfect choice for me to make the type of gifts I wanted.

Colors I used:

Yellow: YarnArt Jeans 88

Black: YarnArt Jeans 53

White: Alize Cotton Gold 55

Hooks: 2.5mm, 2.00mm

      I obtained 5 cm bees with these materials I used.

      You can find the pattern for free at Those who prefer PDF format and want to support the design of this beautiful pattern can purchase it from Etsy.

      Storyland Amis is a fast, reader-friendly website where you can easily find what you are looking for. You can also find Valentine’s day card printables with the pattern. They’re all nice. I used it as a keychain, but I also liked using it this way. The descriptions and photographs of the pattern are quite sufficient and have been prepared very carefully.   You can see every stage in the photos. The difficulty level is beginner.

      You can crochet a bee with its antennas, tiny arms and cute wings in a very short time, like 1.5-2 hours. Of course, this time varies depending on your crocheting speed or whether you crochet without a break. If you crochet while watching TV series like me, you may pause a bit during intriguing scenes. Then of course it will take longer.

       Small details make a big difference in amigurumi. It looks more elaborate than a pattern that ends in such a short time. I crocheted all parts except the antennas with 2.5 mm crochet hook. I was pleased with the appearance of the antennas when I crocheted them in 3 chains with 2.00 mm crochet hook. It is also very easy to assemble the parts.

      Since you can take very little filling material with you, you can carry all the materials in a small bag. This is a very important criterion for me as I enjoy crocheting outside. When it comes to such a pattern that ends in a short time, there is the possibility of leaving the house with the materials and returning home with a new bee, and I think this is a very pleasant experience.

      I definitely recommend you to try it, whether as a Valentine’s Day Card gift or as a keychain. I can guarantee that children as young as 4 will love it.      

      I didn’t need to write a new story for these sweet bees, they appeared right when I needed them, in accordance with their nature. It seems like it is very difficult to say anything new for bees, they reveal their characters everywhere. They are very hardworking, never stopping to rest, always knowing what to do, flying around looking for beautiful flowers. I whisper into the ear of each toy I gift, wish them luck in their new lives, and tell them what feelings I want them to evoke wherever they go. This time I just wished for luck. I’m sure these sweet bees know what to do wherever they go. If you try the pattern, I’d love to read about your experience in the comments. I wonder what kind of beauty these bees will add to your life. With love.

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