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Elisa’s Crochet Free Snowman Pattern

  I want to talk about a being that is about to become extinct; the Snowman. At least in my city. When I moved to this city 7 years ago, there were more snowmen around. When winter came, I would see them playing with children. I’m not much of a winter person. I love the sky that turns pink when it snows at night the most. Other than that, I have never felt the magical effect that snow has on people. I didn’t play with snowmen when I was a kid. I usually worry about birds getting cold and hungry when it snows.

      There are two snowmen I remember from the past. One of them is the snowman we greeted while I was waiting for the school bus. He was about 9 feet tall and I don’t remember his face. The other one is a snowman that my little sister and I made to make her happy. I can’t remember how he looked either. But I remember we did it in our backyard, where my sister could see it from the window and it made her very happy.

      Interestingly, before crocheting this pattern I didn’t realize how important snowmen are in our lives. I didn’t expect this amigurumi snowman pattern, which I chose because Christmas was approaching, to impress me so much. My son loved this crochet toy and said, “You are a good crochet person,” and kissed me. At that moment I knew he would be a snowman lover. Then I fell into deep thought.

     Every year I’ve lived here, I’ve seen fewer snowmen than the previous year. Last year the snowmen came here only once and stayed for a very short time. I’m not sure if they will come this year. My son is eagerly waiting for them. Will my son have the opportunity to play with them this year? He’s not even 4 years old yet, I can’t help but wonder if there will be snowmen that he’ll remember from his childhood. Because I am a typical human I am not worried about the migratory birds that no longer come to my country, but about the snowmen that my son cannot play with.

      Nature, animals, and plants have always been very important to me. I try to think about them and live in harmony with them as much as possible. When evaluating the damage we caused to the world, I always felt sorry for the extinct plants, animals, polluted seas, mountains, and stones, rather than what we would leave behind for future generations. Now, I am devastated by the worry of what kind of world my son, who is my beloved, and even my grandchildren, who will be his beloved ones, will live in. Maybe due to climate change, snowmen will no longer be able to play with children in some parts of the world. Maybe the only snowman my son remembers from his childhood will be the snowman I crocheted for him.

I think the pessimistic sentences that came out of me when I started writing for this cute snowman show how badly climate change affects me. Talking about creatures directly affected by global warming makes me so sad that I can only express my heart through snowmen. I wanted to write a more cheerful article, but unfortunately, it was not possible. I leave the darker sentences that come to my mind and start reviewing this beautiful pattern.

      This snowman pattern is a free pattern published by Elisa’s crochet. The free version only has the body and nose. I added the hat, scarf and buttons myself. Even though it is not the same as in the photo, I am very pleased with my snowman. You can also make a hat and scarf you like from YouTube videos or other patterns. Or you can purchase the PDF version of the pattern and crochet the exact snowman in the photos. I leave the etsy link below:

Elisa’s Crochet Snowman Pattern

When 3.25 crochet hook and a matching yarn were used in the pattern, the height of the snowman was 7.5” / 20 cm. I used YarnArt Jeans and Alize Baby cotton yarn and a 2.5 mm crochet hook, it became 4″ / 10 cm without the hat. I liked this size very much, maybe I will make one in the original pattern size in the future. Even though my snowman is smaller, I still used the 6 mm safety eyes in the pattern. I think his expression like this is much cuter. If I make a larger size snowman I will use a larger eye.

      The difficulty level of the pattern is easy. It is a toy that can be easily made at the beginner level. Attach the safety eyes in round 17 and start stuffing in round 19, the pattern says. I attached the eye in round 15 and started stuffing it slowly. There is nothing wrong with following the pattern, it’s just how I prefer it.

      When I saw the pattern, I wished it had arms. I thought of crocheting them myself, like the hat and scarf. But then it was such a fun experience looking for arms for the snowman outside with my son. We found a lot of arms, it will be nice to change them from time to time.

Even though it made me feel a little sad when I started writing, I liked this snowman very much. I must admit that this snowman, which I chose to have a pattern suitable for the season, gave me a very different experience. When I sat down to write, words rushed into my mind, it was very enjoyable to crochet and write what it made me think of. My son played with it for a few hours and I spent this time reading a book. Turns out snowmen are ideal babysitters. They are extremely good at keeping kids entertained. I thank Elisa for this beautiful pattern. I hope what I wrote encouraged you to try this pattern. The world may need more snowmen. I’m waiting for your comments. With love.

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